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Check out our past projects and learn about the unique new features and history of each vehicle!


After the previous team disbanded in 2000, a small group of students restarted the Human Powered Vehicles Club in 2012. The current team is built off of advice, mistakes and resources from the team's alumni.


Here's an (approximate) timeline of our past made by one of our members looking at old papers and reports!

The original Human Powered Vehicles team was founded in 1986. Six years later, UC Berkeley alumni went on to set the world speed record at the International Human Powered Speed Challenge, biking at 68 mph. A fairing made by the old team is displayed in Hesse Hall in the main entrance. Check it out next time you stop by!



ASME HPVC E-Fest West 2018

Our first attempt on a FWD (front-wheel drive) MBB (moving bottom-bracket) Delta Leaning Trike for this year's competition. It boasts excellent craftsmanship on our complex carbon fiber frame-seat body and fairing, CNCed aluminum drivetrain, inserts, RPS system, swing arms and a rocker arm. In addition to carbon fiber and aluminum parts, the team utilized quality nylon and Markforged 3D-printed parts.

ASME HPVC E-Fest West 2018 Results

Overall: 3rd place

Design: 2nd place

Innovation: 5th place

Sprint: 4th place (Women's), 5th place (Men's)

Endurance Race: 6th place

Best Craftsmanship Award

HPV Comp 2017-30.jpg


ASME HPVC E-Fest West 2017

Our second attempt at making a trike, BLT featured improved window forming techniques, cross rod steering, leaf spring modeled suspension, quick release seat adjustments, and a dual door system. Our innovation project involved developing composite bladder molding methods for complex geometries.

ASME HPVC E-Fest West Results

Overall: 4th place

Endurance: 5th place

Innovation: 2nd place



ASME HPVC E-Fest West 2016

Our first trike attempt, Calzone featured a fully faired trike with fully integrated frame, fairing, and windows. This vehicle was focused on stability and robustness. Innovation involved integrating polycarbonate windows into the carbon fiber fairing layups.

ASME HPVC E-Fest West Results

Innovation: 3rd place



ASME HPVC E-Fest West 2015

Klondike was our second fully faired bicycle, featuring linearly actuated 'landing gears', a full carbon fiber fairing with windows, and a carbon fiber monocoque frame. The innovation featured a steering damper.

Burnt Toast featured a driveshaft drivetrain. It was originally designed to be a prototype/testing system, but we decided to race it since it was fully functional.

ASME HPVC West Results

Competed with two bikes!



ASME HPVC E-Fest West 2014

Rueben was designed to have a full fairing, but we were unable to implement it in time. It featured our first carbon fiber frame. The morning of the speed race, we crashed it and it snapped in half, but we came back to win endurance.

ASME HPVC E-Fest West Results

Endurance: 1st place



ASME HPVC E-Fest West 2013

PB&J was our first vehicle since the team was remade. This was a recumbent half faired bike. A solid starting point for our later achievements!

ASME HPVC E-Fest West Results

Endurance: 2nd place

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